LOVE SONG at TBA Festival, Portland

So it’s official: we’re going to be screening/performing THE LOVE SONG OF R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER as part of the Time-Based Art Festival in Portland this September.  TBA is the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s annual performance festival, and I’ve had a few conversations w/ the curators over the years about screening something there. This is the first time it’s worked out, and I’m really thrilled. The lineup is a very interesting mix of dance, performance, and Laurie Anderson! This is actually a dream context for me to screen LOVE SONG.

The night before TBA we’ll be screening the film in Seattle at the historic Moore Theater. This is a show we set up w/ a rock promoter there, so it’ll be a totally different vibe. One of the most interesting things about this ‘live documentary’ biz is getting to slide between genres with the piece and see how much the screening context shapes an audience’s expectations and experience.

I’m booking a lot of shows for the fall and will post details here as plans develop.

Images: Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, John Wiseman via Flickr; Moore Theater Interior, Bob Cerelli via STG Presents