ICA Boston screenings

We recently did two sold-out shows at the ICA in Boston, which is one of my favorite venues anywhere. The theater overlooks the Boston Harbor and has these huge curtains that are dramatically lowered at the start of every show.

I’ve been tailoring the piece to include local Fuller connections for each screening. Sometimes it’s a challenge, but Boston was a breeze: Fuller’s story starts there, and it ends there, too. He was born in Milton—a Boston suburb—in 1895, and buried in Cambridge in the Mt. Auburn Cemetery.

These performances felt to me like our best yet. I think the band and I are getting comfortable enough with the piece that we can now move beyond the sweating-that-we-don’t-fuck-up stage and be much more in the moment instead. I thought YLT sounded fantastic and the audience seemed really responsive.

A lot of great people were there—apparently someone from Mission of Burma at the later show—but the highlight for me was Peter Chermayeff, the architect who worked w/ Fuller to design the dome at the 1967 Montreal World Expo. This was probably Fuller’s greatest work. Peter Chermayeff got onstage after the show and wowed the crowd with some stories—my only regret is that no one photographed him! Argh.