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“In Brooklyn, Painting a Fuller Picture of 'the Dome Guy'”

by Andy Battaglia

The Wall Street Journal

A singular experience, and a collective one, with the potential for human connection and human error.

“Movies That Spill Beyond the Screen”

by Dennis Lim

The New York Times

With Green on the stage, emoting and expressing his thoughts, the inherent subjectivity of any documentary effort is liberated, allowing him to be the voice of Fuller’s ideas in an inspiring twist on the medium.

“Bucky lives! More from SFIFF 2012”

by Sam Stander

San Francisco Bay Guardian

Aims to tell the story of Fuller as Fuller may have liked his story to be told.

“The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller: Review + Interviews with Sam Green and Ira Kaplan”

by Kevin Arrow

The Miami Rail

[Love Song] left the sold-out house with a handful of ‘what ifs’ and brought to the forefront how Fuller’s most important question, “How do we do more with less?,” remains relevant today.

“The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller”

by Jim Caligiuri

The Austin Chronicle