Seattle and Portland Screenings

We did two screenings of THE LOVE SONG OF R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER last week. It was our great northwest mini-tour! The first was at the amazing Moore Theater in Seattle. It was on September 11th, which felt oddly meaningful – I loved the inadvertent poetry of the marquis.

The Moore is a huge joint! But the screening went really well. A lotta good response from the audience.  The band sounded fantastic.

The next night was Portland and the TBA Festival – it was a real honor to be included. I’ve been a fan of TBA for a long time. Very cool to be on a program with Laurie Anderson. We did two shows in one night at the fantastic Washington High School auditorium. You could feel the years of talent shows and pep assemblies imprinted on the space. Again, the shows went really. Some notable folks in the house: one of my all-time favorite directors, Kelly Reichardt, and also M. Ward. The Portland Mercury ran a nice review – take a look. And, to the left and below, some fine-looking photos taken by Jodi Darby.

Next week, we’ll be at Cornell Cinema in Ithaca, NY.