Killing Your Babies, Part 2

So I’m down to the final stretch of editing for the Fuller installation. I’ve been working nonstop for about a month now with my old pal and collaborator Dave Cerf, as well as an After Effects wiz, Matt Notaro. We’ve been hanging out at SFMOMA as the sculpture’s installed, testing and screening video clips. The whole process is really exciting—it’s been super helpful to see how the video interacts with the actual space. It’s so different from watching it on a screen.

But as I’ve fine-tuned the piece, unfortunately, I’ve had to cut more things that I love. The latest casualty—that 1952 proposal that Buckminster Fuller put together to build a domed restaurant at the top of Twin Peaks! Check out how cool the design was in relation to the real place:

Can you imagine?? The restaurant would have looked quite a bit like the famous dome Fuller later built for Expo 67 in Montreal.